NuGen Steel Pan Academy Program


The purpose of this program is to introduce children and adults of the community to the Steel Pan instrument. Through a series of demonstrations, lectures and hands on participation students will gain insight to the culture of Trinidad & Tobago and other nations of the Caribbean. The program is open to students ages 6 and older and no prior musical experience is required.


At the end of the program students will be able to play a musical piece on their instrument, understand the history of steel pan and how it is made, proper playing technique, etc.…


Students will enhance their academic, social and artistic development. Build self-esteem, develop music literacy, boost team skills, improve coordination, foster self-expression, sharpen concentration and boost listening skills, appreciate the cultural diversity around them, and many other skills that can be used throughout their lives.

Nicholas Mohan

Program Director

Why I Do This, In the spring of 1992, I made a decision that has had a tremendous impact on the trajectory of my life. That was to walk into the New Creation Youth

Karima Mohan

Operations Director

Why I Do This, As an adult, one day I asked myself when in life was I happiest. The answer always connected to this instrument. I met my best friends,

Russell Pope

Media Director

Everything around me I can see the Steelpan having a connection in some way or form, I don't honestly think that there are was a time that Pan was not on the peripheral