Classes at NuGen Steel Pan Academy Program

Teaching Method:

Since the main objective is for students to be able to play the steel pan, classes will be mostly hands on with a lot of listening. A combination of rhythmic games, quizzes and sing-a-longs will keep students engaged throughout the sessions. Some music theory will be taught, however there is a heavy emphasis on rhythm and listening.

Classes Offered:
Introduction to Steelpan:

This hand-on class will provide participants with a solid foundation of the steelpan instrument. Ideal for the student with little to no prior steelpan playing experience, this class hits the high points. Students will learn a high-level history of the steelpan instrument, how the instruments are crafted, an introduction to proper playing technique, the first seven notes on their steelpan of choice and more. At the end of this class, students will be able to play a simple melody based on the first notes learned.

Fundamentals of Playing Steelpan:

As a continuation to “Introduction to Steelpan”, this class builds on a student’s foundational knowledge. Through hands-on musical instruction, students will learn the remaining notes on their steelpan of choice, the rolling technique used when playing thesteelpan, basic music theory and the Chromatic scale. At the end of this class, students will be able to play the Chromatic scale both ascending and descending.

Intermediate Steelpan:

builds on the basic music theory and playing techniques introduced in “Fundamentals”. This class introduces students to various rhythmic elements in calypso music. Each student will continue to develop his/ her playing fluidity through 8th note and 16th note Chromatic scale exercises. Students will also be introduced to the Major scales. At the end of this class, students will be able to play different rhythms and at faster tempos.

Advanced Steelpan Performance:

This class brings together all the elements learned from previous classes and applies them to steelband group performance. Student will learn several musical pieces and showcasetheir learned talents to others.